Christina's Reptile and Animal Sanctuary Inc.

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Christina's Reptile and Animal Sanctuary Inc.

339 Lehigh Ave

Palmerton PA, 18071 (Mailing address only)


***Please note: While our sanctuary is in transition, we cannot host vistors at this time. ***


We are a 501c.3 Public charity focused on educating the public and  to reptile rescue including providing home and a good quality of life for the unwanted and abandoned.

Owner Christina Obrecht - Herpetologist

Alligator handler/trainer 

For more information about us, check out our "Donation" page. We also will be taking further schooling in Herpetology and native species. Schooling will include: Herpetology level 2, advanced marine zoology, reptile care, welfare and first aid, principles of zoology, ornithology, and birds of prey; rescue and rehibilitation.

Any animals that are surrendered to us can not be returned; however you may ask us how the animal is doing.

To view pictures of the animals we have at the sanctuary; go to the "Our Animals" page.  You can view each album, and also play the albums as a slideshow.

Enrichment is something that we provide for our animals every day. It can take many forms, including new food items, interesting enclosures or habitat design. Enrichment is very important in overall health of our animals because it stimulates specific behaviors, challenging them mentally and promoting physical activity.

Join our group on facebook (Christina's Reptile and Animal Sanctuary Inc.) for more news, stories, and events!

If you would like to contribute to the care of these animals and their expanding habitat please click the link below.  Thank you for your generosity.

Phone  610-390-1655 or E-mail



     Donate via GoFundMe  Amazon Smile            

Please check out the "Species List" page, if you would like to see the list of species of animals here at the sanctuary; as more animals keep coming in. Also check out their pictures on the "Display" pages. Contact us about having an educational show at your event!

(More information on "Educational show" page)

Check out the other animals here, which include; tarantulas, red belly pirhanas, stingrays, spectacled  caiman, and other critters. 


Please come and visit me!!